Boy Butter Original Oil Based Personal Lubricant and Masturbation Cream

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Price From: $7.49
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Product Details

  • Coconut oil with added organic silicone
  • Long lasting but cleans up with just water
  • Designed for anal sex or masturbation
  • Water resistant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Sex toy safe
  • NOT Latex safe
  • Okay for use with polyurethane condoms

Who says butter isn't good for you? They obviously haven’t tried the Boy Butter Original oil-based sex lube. It's perfect for just about any sexual encounter you can dream up. Made up of a blend of sensual coconut oil and natural silicone that washes off easily, Boy Butter Original by Boy Butter Products enhances intimacy and close encounters by providing long-lasting lubrication for solo play, or sexual adventures with that trusted someone. Boy Butter Original won’t stain clothes, and comes off fabric and skin with water alone. If you have to add butter to your life, add this kind!

Additional Information

Brand Boy Butter
Manufacturer Boy Butter LLC
Base Ingredient Oil
Bottle Type Jar
Flavor Flavorless
Gender Male
Lube Form Cream
Safety Features No
Size No
Special Features No
Sperm Friendly No
Lube Function Anal Sex, Intercourse, Masturbation
Ingredients Partially Hydrogenated Vegetables Oils, Glycerin, Polysorbate 60, Glyceryl Stearate, Phenyl Trimethicone, Glyceryl Distearate

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Customer Reviews

Review by Mathew Jones Jr

long time user...first time reviewer

I a gay male who needs a ton of lubrication for my anal exploration. Naturally I look for something oil based because I want it to last. The last thing I need is to be getting humped and get dried out. Can you say OUCH?!?! Boy butter has been around for ages and big at the clubs I frequent. I have been using for about 5 years not and it is all that I would use. It stay very slick although not easy to clean. You cannot really expect oil to clean easy, can you? My boyfriends cock is huge so this makes taking it much easier. Any gay man will tell you, this stuff is the bomb. I ge the big 16oz tub and it lasts a few months or weeks...depending on who is in town.
Personal Preference
(Posted on 11/22/14)
Review by Fred

Great Stuff!

Ok, I've read the reviews and I have to say I use this for anal play and it great. I don't use it for masturbation. It goes on thick and stays creamy. Maintains lubrication. No need to continue to add more. It's my number one for anal toy and fisting. Best value on the market in my opinion.
Personal Preference
(Posted on 11/15/14)
Review by Tha Man

notta fan

Ok, so here is my take on Boy Butter. This stuff is TOOO thick. It is almost like using vasaline, definitely not a fan of that. It cleaned up easy though so cant complain about that. The best way to describe this is that boy butter has the consistency of Stroke 29 for the first few stokes but never really smooths out. It was cheap so I cannot complain about that either. Would I use again? No. Ill stick to my stroke 29.
Personal Preference
(Posted on 5/24/13)
Review by Steve P

Unique and Great

Loooove this stuff. It works incredibly well as a lubricant, and only takes a little. Maybe not the ideal choice for women, but it works great for me and my guy.
Personal Preference
(Posted on 3/25/13)

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