Astroglide Original Water Based Lubricant

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Price From: $7.75
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Product Details

  • Water based personal lubricant and moisturizer
  • Formulated with high grade body safe ingredients
  • Ultra smooth and slick to the touch
  • Skin healing and soothing properties
  • Great skin conditioner for sensitive skin and allergies
  • Ideal use for vaginal dryness
  • Developed to feel like a body's natural lubrication
  • Perfect for use by both women and men
  • Safe for all types of sex
  • Odorless and flavorless
  • Latex, condom, and sex toy friendly
  • Easy to clean and non staining
  • Never sticky or tacky
  • Doctor recommended
  • Can be used as a massage liquid

Astroglide is one of the most trusted personal lubricant brands on the market, and the company's original formula is where everything started. It set the gold standard for personal lubricants when introduced in the late 1970s, and it still delivers a luxurious glide with body-safe ingredients.

This is a gentle, slick product, perfectly suited for all types of sex. It's similar in texture to natural vaginal lubrication, and it doesn't contain irritating ingredients. Because it's a
water-based, water-soluble lube, it cleans up easily, and it's compatible with latex, silicone, and various other materials. Astroglide's original formula also works exceptionally well as a skin moisturizer. Try using it for a sensual massage or as a daily treatment for vaginal dryness.

Physicians often recommend Astroglide, and it's easy to see why - the original formula lasts for a long time, and it's a safe, fun way to enhance sex. For the same exceptional slickness with a thicker viscosity, check out
Astroglide's water-based lubricating gel.

Additional Information

Brand Astroglide
Manufacturer Biofilm
Base Ingredient Water
Bottle Type Squeeze Bottle
Flavor Flavorless
Gender Unisex
Lube Form Liquid
Safety Features No
Size No
Special Features No
Sperm Friendly No
Lube Function Intercourse, Masturbation
Ingredients Purified Water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Polyquaternium 15, Methylparaben, Propylparaben

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Customer Reviews

Review by JANICE


Astroglide has really made a name for itself since its introduction in 1991, and it is now one of the top-selling personal lubricants. Well, it's easy to see why! Astroglide is a water-based lubricant, which means that it is friendly to your body, your toys and your condoms, and it is easy to clean up.
Personal Preference
(Posted on 1/18/2015)
Review by Matt

Great for the fleshlight

Got it to use with my fleshlight and made it nice and silky. Per forums I have read when you are using any water based lube dont keep adding more either add a little water or spit and it will become slippery again. I havent used it for sex so I cannot comment on that but I would imagine it would be all the same. All I need is I will be needing more soon at the rate I going at since it is just me and my girlfriend Rosey Palm and her 5 sisters.
Personal Preference
(Posted on 5/4/2013)
Review by Reggie Dete


Been buying Astroglide for years. Every girl I've been with likes it, so that means I like it. My current girl wants to try the warming kind sometime. Probably get that next time. RD - AK
Personal Preference
(Posted on 3/26/2013)
Review by Allie

Still the best!

I've tried tons of other lubes, but always come back to astroglide. I can use it for everything which is good because when I'm in the mood I don't want to have to think about which product to use! Love it!
Personal Preference
(Posted on 3/26/2013)
Review by Hadi

Its Lube

Its slippery and wet and lots of fun. Was pretty easy to wash off when done. Glad I got the bigger bottle!!!!!!!!!!
Personal Preference
(Posted on 3/22/2013)

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